Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Wedding Tea Party

This shabby chic wedding tea party was my first ever cake photoshoot. The wonderfully talented Lora, from Lora Grady Photography, asked me if I would make a cake for her wedding tea party-inspired photoshoot, and of course I said yes! After discovering that the colors were pink and yellow, I went to work. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

We needed some sort of pastry at the tea party (because what is a tea party without sweets?!), so I decided to make little delicate cupcakes. Simple yet beautiful.
This cupcake was my favorite. 

And we can't forget about the star of the show...the cake!
I went with an ivory buttercream, the bottom layer being swirls, the next layer waves, and the top two layers as petals; all surrounding an almond cake with raspberry cream filling.

I love shrub roses, don't you? They're timeless.
I supplied my own flowers for my desserts, but the remaining gorgeous floral work was done by Lauren at Lauren Hickman Design.

The beautiful bride and groom...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starburst Cake

I made this cake for my good friend's bridal shower. Her wedding colors were tropical in theme (bright pink, green, orange, yellow, purple). This was a strawberry cake that I covered in a lime buttercream frosting and Starburst [fondant] flowers.
It was a big hit at the party.
Note to self: Starburst fondant is way tastier than regular fondant.

Simple Textured Wedding Cake

This was my first wedding ever. EVER. I was super intimidated by the task, but the cake turned out wonderfully. 
The bride wanted something simple: textured ivory buttercream with layers of raspberry-filled vanilla cake, and fudge-filled chocolate cake. It tasted a little bit like heaven.

The happy couple :)

cookie dough bars

One of the greatest things in life is eating cookie dough from the bowl.
It takes you back to when your mom would make cookies and would let you sample the dough, and when she wasn't looking you would sneak a little bit more from that bowl.

Yeah, these bars are kind of like that :)
So delicious that they almost sneak right on you.

Chocolate Dream Cake

It all starts with some dark chocolate...
It's dangerously addictive stuff.

Look into the center of this cake...keep staring...yes, you will feel yourself getting very sleepy...
v e r y    s l e e p y . . . 

Finish it off with a glass of cold milk.
It doesn't get much better than that.


Sometimes all you want is a cinnamon roll, warm from the oven, oozing with cinnamon sugar, and dripping with cream cheese frosting.

Frosted Fairy Cookies

Soft, sweet, dainty sugar cookies.
It's like a fairy's favorite snack.

Oh, and gluten-free ones too!
Who said dessert couldn't be [semi] healthy?